New airport is here - Tiksi! 

Tiksi is an airport in Yakutia located in the Bulunsky district, 7 km north of the village of Tiksi. The Yakut Republican enterprise OJSC Polar Airlines, OJSC, as well as the state aviation of the Russian Defense Ministry and the FSB of the Russian Federation, are based at the airport.

Since April 16, 2013, by order of the commander of long-range aviation, Lieutenant General Anatoly Zhikharev, the Tiksi airfield has been opened for the reception and release of state-owned aircraft Il-18, An-12, An-26 and lighter, as well as all types of helicopters. An air commandant’s office has been formed at the airport. In order to ensure the resumption of the acceptance and release by the Tiksi airfield of civil aviation aircraft, the specialists of State Corporation for Air Traffic Management are installing and certifying the necessary equipment delivered to the airfield in August 2012.


Polarny Airport welcomes you! Sergey made this wonderful airport for you! And the airport is not easy!

Polyarny is the airport of the city of Udachny in Yakutia. Located 9 km from the city.

It provides a number of regional flights, as well as domestic direct flights to Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow. It is an alternate aerodrome on transcontinental routes from North America to Asia, carried out in accordance with the international standard ETOPS.

In emergency situations, the airport can take Airbus A300, Airbus A310, Airbus A330, Boeing 757, Boeing 767, Boeing 777. Also, the take-off runway in 1990 took the largest aircraft - An-225. The airdrome is equipped with a system of light-signal equipment OVI (high-intensity lights).

On September 7, 2010, the Alrosa Tu-154M aircraft operated a YM516 passenger flight along the Polyarnyy – Domodedovo route, but 3.5 hours after takeoff, there was a complete loss of power supply on board, which led to the shutdown of the on-board navigation systems. The crew made an emergency landing of the airliner (visually) at the former Izhma airport (Komi Republic) on a runway that had long been decommissioned and unsuitable for aircraft of this type, which did not have light-signaling equipment and radio transceivers. After landing during run, the aircraft rolled 164 meters outside the runway and drove into the forest. On board the aircraft were 81 people (9 crew members and 72 passengers), none of them were injured.

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