Good evening friends! Our script for Murmashi airport, the capital of the Arctic, the hero city of Murmansk, came out. We hope you will like it and your flight plans will often coincide with this beautiful northern airport.

Murmansk Airport (IATA: MMK, ICAO: ULMM) is an international airport of federal significance in the city of the same name. Located 4 km south-west of the village of Murmashi, 24 km from the city center. The Murmansk Aviation Company is based at the airport. It is one of the hubs for Nordavia.


Dear friends! We present you a version of our script for Makhachkala airport, as well as an update for X-Plane. We tried very hard and reworked a bunch of objects inside the scene. We hope you enjoy the update!
Makhachkala International Airport (Uytash) named after twice Hero of the Soviet Union Amet-Khan Sultan - an international airport of federal significance in the city of Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan; the main airport of the republic. Translated from godfather. Uytash - Stone House.

The airport is located 4.5 km from the city of Kaspiysk and 16.2 km from the nearest microdistrict of Makhachkala.

Uytash airport is of the first class, in addition to civil aviation, is used by the aviation of the FSB of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Dagestan Airlines was based at the airport until December 2011. At present, RusLine Airlines is based at the airport, which operates flights to many destinations in Russia and abroad.



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