Sergey Poderyagin has renewed the Gumrak airport (Volgograd)! For which huge thanks to him! Recall that Gumrak is an international airport of federal significance in the city of Volgograd. It is located in the north-west of the Dzerzhinsky district (the Airport settlement), in the Gumrak microdistrict, 15 kilometers from the city center. The official name of the airport is "Volgograd (Gumrak)", the colloquial name is Volgograd. The name of the operating organization is Volgograd International Airport OJSC.

The airport was created in 1952 on the basis of the former military airfield Gumrak, which existed since 1940. During the days of the Battle of Stalingrad, it was used by German troops.

Until 1974, there was another airport near Volgograd - Voroponovo, serving local air lines. As of 1991, the Volgograd United Aviation Squadron was based at the Gumrak airport, which included the 80th flight squadron (89 An-2 aircraft) and the 231st flight squadron (15 Tu-134 aircraft, 10 Yak-42 aircraft, 10 Yak-40 aircraft).


Didn't expect the nightly news? And here they are! :-)

We made Norilsk for MSFS 2020. And it is already available for download on the site!

Airport "Norilsk" or Airport Norilsk named after Nikolai Urvantsev, on the maps Alykel is an airport located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (south of the Taimyr Peninsula), thirty-five kilometers west of the city center of Norilsk. It has the status of an internal airport and is an airfield jointly based with the state aviation. Equated to the conditions of the international (intersection of air routes: trans-Siberian and transatlantic). The official name is Norilsk (Alykel).

The airport is the only connection between the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions of Russia, not counting shipping along the Yenisei River and the Northern Sea Route. It is connected with Dudinka and Norilsk by road.

The airport is often closed due to unfavorable weather conditions: strong crosswind, snow drifts, icing of the runway, limited visibility, in summer due to fog.

In 2016, according to the federal program, it was planned to close the airport for the repair of the runway for all summer months. However, due to the high transport significance of the airport, the repair schedule was made in three stages in the summer months of 2016-2018. In the summer of 2017 and 2018, a restriction was introduced on the types of aircraft accepted - instead of Boeing-737, flights were operated on ATR 42-500, ATR 72-500 and An-24 aircraft.

The terminal is equipped with two pedestal-type telescopic ladders, which are not suitable for all types of aircraft, since they are not height-adjustable.

The large length of the runway is due to the fact that the Norilsk airport is a co-based air hub - here civil and military aircraft take off, land and service. After reconstruction, the runway received the second category of ICAO.

Near Norilsk there is also an airport of local airlines Valyok (UOOV index).

And I would like to thank Andrey Viktorovich Efimenko for the support (Andrey, thanks for the links! We started!) And Oleg Urevich! Thank you guys! It would be hard without you!


Friends! Sergey Poderyagin did a great job and redid all the markings and surfaces of the Talagi airplane! Arkhangelsk has started to play with new colors! For which many thanks to him! The update is already on the site - download and fly!

The original name Talagi was borne by two farms and a small village located in the Solombala volost of the Arkhangelsk district of the Arkhangelsk province.

Talagi airfield was built in the summer of 1942 under the leadership of the representative of the State Defense Committee Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin as a military airfield with a runway covered with wooden gravel bars.

The beginning of the reconstruction is 2011. The reconstruction of the air terminal complex began with the participation of Lenaeroproekt. The work is being carried out in stages. At the first stage, it is planned to build an insert between the two terminals. On the first floor of the new building, on one side, there will be a modern arrival hall with a conveyor, on the other - an international departure hall.

Thank you for your support, I want to say Efimenko Andrey Viktorovich and Peter Evgenievich ( Thank you! Andrey, there is still a problem with Simferopol, we are waiting for all the developers of their objects that they made. Unfortunately, we drifted apart a bit a while ago, but I hope it doesn't stop us from making this port for MSFS2020 as well.


Friends! Here comes the news again! :-) Nadym Airport is ready to get into your MSFS 2020!

Nadym airport is one of the oldest airports in Russia. Its history begins in 1969. It now accepts all types of aircraft, including heavy airliners. OJSC Nadym Aviation Enterprise was formed on the basis of FSUE Nadym Aviation Enterprise - the last of the federal state unitary enterprises of the Tyumen region on February 1, 2006.


Friends! We have updated all scripts for MSFS 2020 due to the identified shortcomings in the MS script editor.

Now everything has been fixed, download problems and file name conflicts are eliminated.


Well, that's the first news from us this year! We are glad to present you Naryan-Mar airport for the MSFS2020 simulator!

The distance from Moscow to Naryan-Mar is 1501 km, from Arkhangelsk to Naryan-Mar - 660 km. The nearest railway station - Usinsk - is located at a distance of 350 km, it is possible to reach it by land only by a winter road (winter road). In summer, high-speed passenger boats run from Naryan-Mar to Ust-Tsilma.

It arose as the village of Beloschelye, named after its location in the Beloshchelye tract, where the crack is "a steep river terrace, a narrow valley, a steep ravine." In 1929, the construction of a sawmill began in this tract, and the settlement that arose at the plant was officially called "a working settlement at the sawmill Komiles No. 51 named after Dzerzhinsky", and in short - "a settlement named after Dzerzhinsky", in memory of the Soviet party and state leader F.E. Dzerzhinsky. In 1933 the settlement was renamed into a workers' settlement with the ideologically "correct" name Naryan-Mar - "red city" (Nenets naryana - "red", mar - "city"); since 1935 - the city with the same name.

The city of Naryan-Mar is the center of the NAO, within the framework of the administrative-territorial structure of which it has the status of a city of district significance.

Within the framework of the municipal structure, it forms the municipality of the urban district of the city of Naryan-Mar with the only settlement in its composition. Previously, the city district included the Yokusha village, which was abolished in 2015.

Naryan-Mar is a federal airport of the city of the same name in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. The operator of the airport is the open joint-stock company Naryan-Mar United Air Squadron.

It is a co-based airfield. Belongs to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The civilian sector owns the platform, taxiways, parking lots. A class B airfield, equipped with a landing system of II and III categories from both directions and lighting equipment. Runway classification number (PCN) 17 / R / B / X / T .. In addition to the main runway made of reinforced concrete slabs, there are two intersecting unpaved runways for An-2 aircraft and helipads.

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Our team wishes you a Happy New Year! And I would like to wish everyone that in the coming year the very miracle of which we all dream so much will happen to us. Although everyone has their own, it is necessarily the most necessary and most important. I wish all of us to be alive and well, to do what brings us pleasure. I wish you to reach new heights and self-actualize. And I also want to wish you more joyful moments that will turn into pleasant memories, and meetings with loyal friends and beloved household members. And of course, everyone would like to wish to continue to love the sky, airplanes, and just as devotedly surrender to them more often both at the airport and behind the joystick in front of the monitor screen.

The year was difficult, even very difficult, but this year an amazing event took place, which I just want to talk about now. We are quietly updating our server, which distributes scripts to you. The whole project works due to your support and the salary of the project creator, and it was decided to ask you for support! And a miracle happened! Andrey Gerchikov responded to our request, who said that he really liked what we were doing and purchased the necessary last components for the server. It is difficult to describe all emotions in words! Andrei! Thank you so much! From all of us who work on scripts, from our entire community, who use these scripts! You've done a very big New Year's miracle for all of us (although you're being shy and don't want to admit it)!

I would also like to say thank you to Andrey Pokatilov for your support! Thank you! It would be hard without you!

Well, I will add that we will try to put another new scene in the near future and dedicate it to Andrey Gerchikov! Like this :-) Happy New Year everyone! May it be successful!


News week! We released another port. Gagarin Airport is available for MSFS2020!

Due to the need to close the existing Saratov-Tsentralny airport for security reasons, in November 2007, the Ministry of Transport Development of the Saratov Region signed a contract for exploration work to select a site for the construction of a new Saratov airport. As of March 2008, three sites were considered: Svintsovka (Saratov region), Saburovka, Radishchevo (Novoburassky region), at a fork in the Bazarny Karabulak - Volsk road, 50 km from Saratov). In the spring of 2008, a site was selected in Saburovka.

On December 11, 2008, the issue of the airport construction was considered by the Saratov Regional Duma. The dates for the start of design work and construction have been confirmed. The issue of buying out land owned by farmers was resolved.

In October 2009, a story was broadcast on Saratov television, confirming the timing of the construction of the new airport (until 2015).

At the end of June 2011, the Government of the Saratov Region completed the purchase of land for the construction of the airfield.

The winner of the auction for the design of engineering infrastructure and communications was Volgomost OJSC.

On September 28, 2012, a tender was announced for the construction of the first stage of the airport in Saburovka.

On October 10, 2012, a groundbreaking ceremony was held for the construction of a new airport in the village. Saburovka. According to the deputy head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Konstantin Makhov, the airport in Saburovka will be ready in two or three years. It was assumed that the new airport, like the existing one, will have the name "Central".

Saratov environmentalists criticized the airport construction project near Saburovka.

In August 2013, it was announced that the project of the new airport was revised to include an air terminal (in the previous project, the air terminal was not provided, and passengers would have to check in at the old airport and then go to Saburovka). In addition, the characteristics of the runway coverage have been changed so that it can accommodate all types of aircraft. At the construction site of the airfield, vegetation was removed, planning and laying of lean concrete on the runway, taxiways and apron was completed, work began on the installation of the airfield fence, laying cable lines, building a patrol road and a control tower.

In September 2013, the media reported that Renova was the main bidder for the construction of the new Saratov airport.

By July 2018, the readiness of the passenger terminal building of the new Saratov airport was 33%, which is in line with the construction schedule. In all areas of passenger service and technological areas, finishing work began [9]. The platform is completely ready.

In September 2018, the laying of the upper layer of the runway (Runway) was continued, laying on the part of the runway that was built before the design change was carried out, previously laying was not performed due to identified problems with the foundation of the runway.

In April 2019, the airport was assigned the GSV code in accordance with Resolution No. 763 adopted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) conference. The assigned unique code is formed by using the name of the airport and the city of its location: G - Gagarin, SV - SaratoV.

On August 18, 2019, the airport received a technical flight from Moscow.

From August 20, 2019, the airport began full-fledged reception and dispatch of all passenger flights previously served by the Saratov-Tsentralny airport.

For the delivery of passengers, bus (suburban and intercity) and rail services are organized.

In January 2020, in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation, the airport received the status of a hub, which, according to the text of the decree, will allow it "to expand the route network ..., including with the use of subsidies for flights to airports located on the territory of different constituent entities of the Russian Federation."



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