A new interesting airport has appeared at us today. The regional airport of Chara is located 2 km to the north-east from the village of Chara in the Transbaikal region. The airport operates only in daylight. The airport is on the outskirts of the village, within walking distance of the centre. On the neighboring street with an interval of 1-1.5 hours runs a bus to the village and the station Novaya Chara on BAM.

Once the village of Chara was the center of the Transbaikal gulag, around which on all sides there were hard camps, and also with poetry names - Sinelga, Sulban... Already then our airport was in demand, here prisoners and special workers were brought from Chita by small planes. Douglas soldiers were involved in 62  operation. The runway was prepared by geologists who found uranium and copper deposits in these places. According to their memories, there were moments when the planes were lining up in the heavenly queue, because on the ground they did not have time to escort the prisoners...
It is reported that trophy Junkers (Ju-52) were also used for freight transport. Some of them in the winter period sat on Lake Leprindo, from where to Chara and on the lagpost Borlag went winters.
The Chara airport strip has dimensions of 1800 x 35 meters. The airport airfield has the ability to withstand a load of up to 26 tons.

We hope he will have to taste it! This airport is an integral part of our history, sometimes great and sometimes bloody and brutal. I can 't believe it wasn 't that long ago...

To all who support our project - thank you very much!


Saratov Central Airport had been the airport that served Saratov for many decades, having being opened under Soviet rule somewhere around 1930s-1950s. Originally, the airfield was built relatively far away from the city, however the city's limits slowly caught up to the airport. By the early 1990s, the airfield was completely surrounded by urban area with no room to expand. At the time though there still was plenty of excess capacity left over to soak up the ever-growing passenger numbers, however by about the mid-2000s it was realised that Saratov Central would in the near future grow too small to handle the forecast passenger numbers.

And! We glad represent you our new port - Saratov Gagarin! 

In 2014, "Airports of Regions" presented a project of the new Saratov Airport. At that time it was still unknown whether it would be built on the old area, or on a new one. In January 2015, construction of the airport began. The terminal complex is currently start work. The total amount spent for the construction is from 10 to 7 billion rubles. It will be the third airport in Russia to be built from scratch after the breakup of the Soviet Union, after Talakan Airport in Yakutia and Platov International Airport in Rostov-on-Don, which also belongs to Airports of Regions.

Name decision
Airports of Regions initially gave the current airport's name to the one that is under construction, but in August, the constructors decided to call it "Gagarin". This has created lots of misunderstanding, because Orenburg Airport already has a similar name.



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