Two airports updated!

At the numerous requests of our friends, justice triumphed and the runway in Norilsk was brought into a state of reconstruction by shortening and destroying it :-) Yes, we shortened the 19 rwy and closed the driveway on taxiway A! Thank you all for paying attention so quickly to this inconsistency of the scene and real life. We hope that it will be reconstructed soon and returned to work in full. Nevertheless, we will not completely close the port in the simulator, if a decision is made to close it in life, we will not, although this will be contrary to reality :-)

And also the script of the Sasovsky Flight School was updated! Our great friends - Maxim Broken and Oleg Tronov added a lot of small details that were not there before and made an amazing photo-backing! Thanks a lot! And someone else will soon receive a flight certificate :-) So far, we will not get ahead of the events and congratulate you in advance, but three years have passed quickly! We are waiting for this event together!

Thank you all for your support! We are trying for you, our dear friends!


Dear friends! Our ports have been updated a lot! Two airports were updated at once: Murmansk and Gagarin!

In Gagarin, some of the errors with displaying objects were fixed, the apron and minor changes and additions of some objects of the airport infrastructure were slightly ennobled.

Murmansk has the most global changes! They touched both the entire apron and some buildings were completely made from scratch. The terminal is completely made from scratch and now looks like it should look like in a good scenario, a good polar city! Redesigned photo pad and added its winter version!

We really hope that you will appreciate our work and these airports will be at the top of your plans for flights for the evening! Well, soon there will be more new airports :-) Soon!

Thanks for the support I want to say to Selivanov Nikolai!



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