Well, that's the workday! And here we worked over the weekend and made for you Abakan for MSFS2020!

Abakan Airport is located northwest of the city center. Belongs to class B airfields and belongs to the airport of the 2nd class. The aerodrome is designed to perform regular, international, training, test flights, and aviation operations. It has one runway with artificial turf measuring 3250x45m. Accepts and services the following types of aircraft: A-319, A-320, A-321, B-757, B-767, B-737, Tu-204, Tu-214, Il-62, Il-86, Il-96 , An-124, Il-76TD and other aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of up to 392 tons. As well as reception and maintenance of helicopters - of all types.

The Abakan squadron of the East Siberian Civil Aviation Administration was formed in September 1938 with the aim of organizing passenger and freight traffic on the territory of the Khakass Autonomous Region and the southern regions of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


Were you waiting for news today? Ahh ?! And here they are! And we did Novokuznetsk! And we are very proud of it!

Spichenkovo ​​Airport is an international airport of federal significance in the city of Novokuznetsk. Located in the Prokopyevsky district, twenty kilometers west of the center of Novokuznetsk. The airport is adjacent to the villages of Krasny Uglekop and Spichenkovo, which are part of the Zenkovsky district of the city of Prokopyevsk, the village of Luchshevo and the village of Kalachevo in the Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo region.

The airport complex includes an air terminal and an in-flight catering workshop designed to serve two hundred passengers per hour, as well as a restaurant, bar, canteen, a hotel with 97 seats, a hall for serving first and business class passengers, a guarded parking lot, a mother and child room.

Novokuznetsk Aviation Enterprise was founded on August 17, 1952 by merging several departmental aviation teams and placing their property on the balance sheet of the West Siberian Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet (GVF). Abagur airfield was chosen as the base. Mikhail Fedorovich Muravyov was appointed the first commander. The order of appointment was signed by the head of the West Siberian Directorate of the Civil Air Fleet, Lieutenant Colonel NN Bykov, later Lieutenant General, Deputy Minister of Civil Aviation.

The unification of disparate aviation teams into one enterprise had a beneficial effect on the development of aviation in the south of the Kuzbass region. To replace the legendary Po-2 aircraft, the first An-2 aircraft was received in January 1953. From 1952 to 1967, the Novokuznetsk State Aviation Enterprise operated Yak-12, An-2 aircraft, K-15, Mi-1, Mi-4 helicopters.

In March 1954, the 184th squadron was organized from all squadrons located in the Novokuznetsk region, and from January 18, 1955, Aleksandr Ivanovich Sofronov was appointed to the post of commander of the 184th flight squadron. With the beginning of the operation of the An-2, Yak-12 aircraft and the Mi-1, Mi-4 helicopters, the size of the squadron increased, and by the end of 1956 it already numbered 172 people. Together with the number and technical fleet, the volume of work performed on servicing and transporting passengers and meeting the needs of the national economy grew. New flights were opened to Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk and other settlements.

Available for download version for X-Plane and MSFS 2020!


You asked us for a long time to make this port for MSFS2020! And now he is ready!

The terminal was located 12 km north-west of the city center, in the village of Aeroflotsky. The new terminal, which has been operating since April 16, 2018, is located another 2.5 km to the north-west, in the village of Ukromnoye.

Since March 2014, the airport has been serving only Russian flights. Other official international flights are not operated due to the sanctions introduced after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the controversial legal status of the peninsula.

In 2017, the airport served 5.13 million passengers and thus ranks 7th among Russian airports or 2nd place among Ukrainian airports for this indicator.

Near Simferopol there is also the Zavodskoye airport of local air lines, as well as the Gvardeyskoye naval aviation base.

Many thanks to Andrey Efimenko for your support! We promise the sun in Simferopol will shine brighter :-)


And here's the news! Seryoga Poderyagin took and carried out a mass reconstruction from Domodedovo! The work done is amazing! Download the update!

Domodedovo is an international airport of federal significance, one of the four main airports in Moscow and the Moscow region, the second largest in terms of passenger traffic in the Russian Federation. It is located on the border of the Domodedovo city district and the Ramensky district of the Moscow region, 45 kilometers southeast of the center of Moscow, 22 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. The official name is "Moscow (Domodedovo)".

According to the results of 2015, it is the second largest passenger airport in Russia, and is also one of the twenty busiest airports in Europe.

The airport complex includes an airfield formed by two independent parallel runways (WFP-1 and WFP-2). They are located two kilometers from each other, which makes Domodedovo the only airport of the Moscow aviation hub capable of simultaneously performing takeoff and landing operations on its runways. Both runways are ICAO CAT IIIA certified. Reconstruction of Runway-1 has made Domodedovo the first Russian airport capable of receiving an Airbus A380 passenger liner.

The passenger terminal of Domodedovo Airport has an IATA "C" certificate and is the first in Russia to be certified according to the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2000.


Well, we did it for a long time! And now we are ready to present it to you! Two airports together! The largest transport hub in Russia! An airport that controls over 700 planes a day! KRASNOYARSK EMELYANOVO and CHEREMSHANKA !!!

I want to say right away that this port is dedicated to our friend who helps a lot - Andrey Gerchikov! And they put their hand to the stage - Georgy Lastochkin, Sergei Poderyagin, Nikolai Kiselev and Sergei Evdokimov! Guys! We are all cool!

Well, a little about the airport itself!

Krasnoyarsk International Airport (IATA: KJA, ICAO: UNKL) is an international airport of federal significance with an A-class airfield, one of the two airports in Krasnoyarsk.

The hub airport for regional and international air transportation, the largest airport in Eastern Siberia, one of the largest airports in the country in terms of the volume of international cargo flights.

Located twenty-seven kilometers north-west of the city center in the Yemelyanovskiy district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The total area of ​​the land plot occupied by the airport complex is 572.7 hectares.

Krasnoyarsk Airport is a joint airport of civil aviation and aviation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The Krasnoyarsk complex aviation rescue center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is located on its territory.

The airport is the base airport for Aeroflot, Nordstar, Pegas Fly, KrasAvia and Azur Air airlines.

Krasnoyarsk Airport is the sixth regional airport in Russia, the work of services of which meets the international ISAGO standards.

The airport is an ETOPS alternate airport on transcontinental routes from North America and Europe to Asia.

By the decree of the government of the Russian Federation, the international airport Krasnoyarsk is included in the list of specialized checkpoints across the state border intended for the import of goods controlled by veterinary and phytosanitary supervision.


Sergey Poderyagin has renewed the Gumrak airport (Volgograd)! For which huge thanks to him! Recall that Gumrak is an international airport of federal significance in the city of Volgograd. It is located in the north-west of the Dzerzhinsky district (the Airport settlement), in the Gumrak microdistrict, 15 kilometers from the city center. The official name of the airport is "Volgograd (Gumrak)", the colloquial name is Volgograd. The name of the operating organization is Volgograd International Airport OJSC.

The airport was created in 1952 on the basis of the former military airfield Gumrak, which existed since 1940. During the days of the Battle of Stalingrad, it was used by German troops.

Until 1974, there was another airport near Volgograd - Voroponovo, serving local air lines. As of 1991, the Volgograd United Aviation Squadron was based at the Gumrak airport, which included the 80th flight squadron (89 An-2 aircraft) and the 231st flight squadron (15 Tu-134 aircraft, 10 Yak-42 aircraft, 10 Yak-40 aircraft).


Didn't expect the nightly news? And here they are! :-)

We made Norilsk for MSFS 2020. And it is already available for download on the site!

Airport "Norilsk" or Airport Norilsk named after Nikolai Urvantsev, on the maps Alykel is an airport located in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory (south of the Taimyr Peninsula), thirty-five kilometers west of the city center of Norilsk. It has the status of an internal airport and is an airfield jointly based with the state aviation. Equated to the conditions of the international (intersection of air routes: trans-Siberian and transatlantic). The official name is Norilsk (Alykel).

The airport is the only connection between the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory and other regions of Russia, not counting shipping along the Yenisei River and the Northern Sea Route. It is connected with Dudinka and Norilsk by road.

The airport is often closed due to unfavorable weather conditions: strong crosswind, snow drifts, icing of the runway, limited visibility, in summer due to fog.

In 2016, according to the federal program, it was planned to close the airport for the repair of the runway for all summer months. However, due to the high transport significance of the airport, the repair schedule was made in three stages in the summer months of 2016-2018. In the summer of 2017 and 2018, a restriction was introduced on the types of aircraft accepted - instead of Boeing-737, flights were operated on ATR 42-500, ATR 72-500 and An-24 aircraft.

The terminal is equipped with two pedestal-type telescopic ladders, which are not suitable for all types of aircraft, since they are not height-adjustable.

The large length of the runway is due to the fact that the Norilsk airport is a co-based air hub - here civil and military aircraft take off, land and service. After reconstruction, the runway received the second category of ICAO.

Near Norilsk there is also an airport of local airlines Valyok (UOOV index).

And I would like to thank Andrey Viktorovich Efimenko for the support (Andrey, thanks for the links! We started!) And Oleg Urevich! Thank you guys! It would be hard without you!


Friends! Sergey Poderyagin did a great job and redid all the markings and surfaces of the Talagi airplane! Arkhangelsk has started to play with new colors! For which many thanks to him! The update is already on the site - download and fly!

The original name Talagi was borne by two farms and a small village located in the Solombala volost of the Arkhangelsk district of the Arkhangelsk province.

Talagi airfield was built in the summer of 1942 under the leadership of the representative of the State Defense Committee Ivan Dmitrievich Papanin as a military airfield with a runway covered with wooden gravel bars.

The beginning of the reconstruction is 2011. The reconstruction of the air terminal complex began with the participation of Lenaeroproekt. The work is being carried out in stages. At the first stage, it is planned to build an insert between the two terminals. On the first floor of the new building, on one side, there will be a modern arrival hall with a conveyor, on the other - an international departure hall.

Thank you for your support, I want to say Efimenko Andrey Viktorovich and Peter Evgenievich (peterdib@mail.ru). Thank you! Andrey, there is still a problem with Simferopol, we are waiting for all the developers of their objects that they made. Unfortunately, we drifted apart a bit a while ago, but I hope it doesn't stop us from making this port for MSFS2020 as well.



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