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JSC "Airport Ulyanovsk", International Airport Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) - civil airport of federal significance. By order of the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region No. 111-pr from 25.02.2011 the airport was named after Nikolai Mikhailovich Karamzin. Located 9 km south-west of the center of Ulyanovsk, 3 km south of the village of Barataevka (part of the city).

The official name of the airport at the federal level is "Ulyanovsk (Barataevka)" ..

Aerodrome "Ulyanovsk (Barataevka)" refers to the class "A". In the State Register of Airports of the Russian Federation, the certificate number of the FAVT A.02320 is assigned.

Ulyanovsk also has an international airport "Ulyanovsk-Vostochny", which is the flight-testing base of Russia's largest aviation-industrial complex "Aviastar" and the airport mainly for charter cargo and passenger traffic.

Airport History
- 1913 year. The first plane, demonstrating flights over the Fair Square, appeared in the sky over Simbirsk.
- 1924 - the agitation flight from Tsaritsyn finished in Ulyanovsk. At the same time among the city's residents there were the first air passengers - within a week the plane rolled the Ulyanovites over the city.
- Since 1925, work began on equipping the airfield. Originally, the 3rd Air Squadron of the 173 Kuibyshev Aviation Squad was based here, operating nine Po-2 and one An-2 aircraft. Ten years later, when the Higher Flight Training Courses were organized here, the aviation received a permanent "residence permit" in Ulyanovsk.
- In 1955, the construction of a modern airport building with a capacity of 50 passes per hour began. The new terminal was commissioned in 1957. Now this building remains "in line" - here is the airfield service of the Ulyanovsk School of Civil Aviation. The first airline was opened on the Kuibyshev-Ulyanovsk-Moscow route by planes An-2 and Il-14. For a long time Ulyanovsk airfield could take only small aircraft, and the runway was located not far from the territory of the car factory.
- In 1970, with the participation of the Leningrad branch of the Lenaeroproekt Institute, a new air terminal with a capacity of 400 passengers / hour was built and put into operation.
- In 2009, the President of the Russian Federation issued a decree on transferring 100 percent of airport shares from federal to regional property. Soon a large-scale reconstruction of the terminal building began.
- In 2010, it was carried out the design of its full reconstruction at the expense of the budget of the Ulyanovsk region. At present, OJSC Ulyanovsk Airport is a successfully developing enterprise in the aviation industry with a reliable competitive position in the market of these services in the region.
- In 2013 the main part of the reconstructed building of the terminal with the capacity of the terminal of 240 passengers per hour was put into operation.
- On July 24, 2014, by order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 1382-r, the airport Ulyanovsk (Barataevka) is open for international flights of aircraft.
- June 13, 2016, the reconstruction of the runway was started. All regular flights are performed from the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny. The opening of the airport is constantly postponed due to the regular change of contractors. On April 3, 2018, the month of the opening was marked May of the current year

Barataevka Airport is able to receive airplanes and helicopters of all types, has runways:

with artificial surface (MCP) magnetic course 021-201 °, size 3826 × 60 m, surface coating - cement concrete 20 cm, reinforced concrete 30 cm, PCN 63 / R / C / X / T;
reserve ground (GVPP) magnetic course 021-201 °, size 2500 × 100 m, located 90 m west of the runway and parallel to it, designed for emergency landing of aircraft of all types;
ground (GVPP) for receiving and releasing aircraft of category A (An-2, An-28, L-410 and similar aircraft, and helicopters of all types), the magnetic course 109-289 °, 800 × 60 m in size, is located in northwestern part of the aerodrome.
The aerodrome is round the clock action, designed for carrying out transport, training, training and research flights. The UIGA (Ulyanovsk Institute of Civil Aviation), which operates aircraft of types Yak-18T, M-101T, DA-42, DA-40NG, An-2, is based at the airfield.

Accepted types of aircraft
The airport can accept the following types of aircraft: Boeing-737-500, Boeing-777, Airbus A320, An: -12, -22, 24, -26, -30, 32, -72, -74, -124, -140, IL -18, -62, -76, -86, -96, -114, Yak: -40, -42, Tu: -134, -154, -204, -214 and below, CRJ-200, Sukhoi Superjet 100, McDonnell Douglas: -81, -82, -83, -87, -88, -90, -95, McDonnell Douglas DC-9, M-101T, [10] ATR-72, Pilatus PC-12, [11] helicopters of all types. Classification number of runway (PCN) 44 / R / C / X / T.

Infrastructure and airport services

The airport complex includes:

- The airport complex (area 6700 m2, carrying capacity 240 passengers / hour)
- Administrative building
- Apron with 15 parking lots and taxiway
- Hotel for 60 persons
- Garage


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