Livery Nordwind for ToLiSS А321 by  GeorgiPilot


Last update date: 01.01.2021
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Russiam OSM


Autogen all Russia.

Last update date: 01.01.2021
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Ан-2, Red yes


Адаптация Ан-2 для X-Plane 11.

Last update date: 02.01.2021
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Modification of SMS DHC-2 "Beaver"


Attention: this kit for X-Plane v. 11 ONLY.

Initially, the Livery was created for AEROFLOT in the Yak-12 style. However, there was a chance to fix the same appearance for other aircraft liveries
Changes: Corrects the external model and cockpit  appearance in X-Plane v. 11. The rivet map and panels are re-drawn. The normal files are created again. Fixed 3D model files, in part reflections / gloss / polishing of aircraft materials.
Distributed with the permission of the author of the model for free. The modification author is not responsible for any damage caused by this modification.

1. Create an insurance copy of the installed version of SMS DHC-2 "Beaver" for X-Plane by SoulMadeSim.
2. Unzip the archive files with 7ZIP and copy it to the folder with the installed SMS DHC-2 "Beaver" with the replacement of files.
3. In the livery folders of Aeroflot L5270 (L5271), the texture files of the working screws are attached. To activate, save the existing files, and then replace the applications.

Good luck in flying!



Last update date: 01.01.2021
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We began to be interested in aircraft construction :-) Here is our first step in to the direction - IL-96!

The author of the Ramzess aircraft, and the Russification of the cabin is taken from avsim - the authors of ivan00559 and albatros_41. We added some gloss to the cockpit, changed the textures and remade the FMC. The work continues, the beginning has been made!


Last update date: 01.01.2021
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Airport Navigation Database for our sceneries


Thanks to Denis Gikalo, a single radio navigation base of our ports has finally appeared!

Have a nice flight!

Custom Navigation Database

Last update date: 01.01.2021
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ATTENTION! If you already have your user_nav.dat in the X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data folder, do not change your file to this one, just copy the data you need from this file into your own, opening it with a notepad (notepad.) NotePad not use it. If not, put the file in X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data. The user_nav.dat file in the X-Plane 11 \ Custom Data folder is all you need to have navigational aids. But there are rare cases when your port is not the default in the X-plane. In this case, read the instructions below.


Adding a port to the X-plane 11 database. (Using URRP as an example)

1) how to find out if there is a port in the X-plane 11 database and when you need to add it:

If you have data on ILS URRP in user_nav.dat, but when loading in the port when you press M (open the map) there is not a single ILS - you need to add it. The card must be in the IFR mode Low enroute !!! We check ILS on the map, not on the airplane's instruments! Absence of ILS on devices is a separate topic.




2) open your downloaded and installed script in Custom Scenery and find the apt.dat file there.



3) open it with a notepad (IMPORTANT-an ordinary notepad! Notepad not use!) And copy two (three) lines (line 1302 flatten 1 is not interesting to us, but since it is then we copy it):

in fact only two lines are needed - those that start with 1 and 100.




4) look for the default apt.dat, which by default in the X-plane 11 is located at: X-Plane 11 \ Resources \ default scenery \ default apt dat \ Earth nav data


5) open it with a notepad (IMPORTANT-an ordinary notepad! Notepad not use!) And paste directly to the beginning of the file what we copied before.


6) close with saving, load into URRP and enjoy the result





Precise visits and soft landings!

P.S. Your added data in the default apt.dat will be deleted when the X-plane version is updated !!!








This update is intended for use with the KSGY L-410 model for X-Plane 11, its not a standalone product and distributed "As is".

The Let L 410 "Turbolet" is a versatile nineteen-seat twin-engine aircraft for regional air lines. The aircraft with reduced take-off and landing properties (UVP in the name L410 UVPE20 means the Russian abbreviation "Shortened take-off and landing") is developed by the design bureau Let plant. It was intended for use on grass, dirt, snow untrained sites, and airports with short lanes. Other names: Elka, Cheburashka.

The design of the aircraft began in 1966. For the first time the skilled plane supplied with TVD Pratt&Whitney PT6A27, passed flight tests 16.04.1969. Regular use of L410A aircraft opened the first in late 1971 Czechoslovak aviation company "Words Air" (Bratislava), which served local aircraft now lines - by the beginning of 1974 it had acquired twelve aircraft, and in 1973 the first two aircraft were transferred to the Soviet Union. The aircraft received registration Soviet numbers CCCP67251 - CCCP67255.

In 1973, flight checks of the L410M aircraft equipped with Czech TDP Walter М601А started. L410M became the second serial variation of "Turbolet." By the end of 1978, one hundred L410M aircraft had arrived for the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Soviet Union.

In 1979, production of an improved L410UVL modification started, which became the main serial model. This aircraft was distinguished from the previous versions by a longer fuselage, larger vertical blade and wing sizes, the use of М601В and HPT Walter Schutz (2x730l.s.). This aircraft passed the certification program in the USSR and was taken into use by Aeroflot. A further development was the L410UVPE option with more powerful TVDM601E. The first flight of such an aircraft took place on 30.12.1984. It has improved take-off and landing characteristics and reduced cockpit noise levels. In 1986 it was certified in the Soviet Union. A modification of the L420 was developed with powerful TVDM601 ° F (2x778l.s.), larger take-off weight (6.8t) and improved flight properties (flight tests of the aircraft started in 1993).

The aircraft is currently used in military and civilian flight schools to pre-train future military transport and long-range aviation pilots.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the SEV in the 1990s, the demand for L410 aircraft fell, and the rate of their production decreased more than tenfold (from 50 aircraft per year to two to five). The situation has improved significantly since 2008, when 51 percent of the shares of Let Kunovice (Aircraft Industries) bought the Russian company Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company. The production rate in 2010 - 2012 was eight to ten aircraft per year. They plan to increase the annual production rate to 16 - 18 aircraft.

In 2013, a modification of the L410 UVPE20 was made, equipped with analog or digital avionics (to choose from), TCAS system, autopilot. L410 UVPE20 has an ARMAC type certificate.


Installation: unpack the contents of the l_410_update folder to the model folder and accept
files replacement.

If desired, you can change the aircraft registration number displayed above the instrument panel.
To do this, open the regnum.lua file located in the Custom Avionics folder by any text editor.
In the line with --local t_number = " "-- enter desired registration number between quotes.
Save and close the file.
We do not recommend making any other changes to files located in that specified folder because the model may lose its functionality.

Don't forget download airplane from KSGY web site:


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