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Magas Airport named after the first Hero of Russia General SS Oskanov (Ingush. Magas Airport) is a federal civil airport of the capital of Ingushetia - the city of Magas, the only civil airport in the republic. Geographically located on the border of the urban district of the city of Sunzha and the Sunzhensky district of Ingushetia (the rural settlement of Troitskoye), between the city of Sunzha and the village of Troitskaya.


Magas airport is located in the valley of the Sunzha River, 30 km northeast of the capital of the republic Magas and the city of Nazran, on the western outskirts of the city of Sunzha and two kilometers southwest of the Sleptsovskaya railway station. At the same time, Beslan airport is located 22 km (by road) from Nazran and Magas.

Accepted aircraft types

Magas Airport is capable of accepting all types of aircraft up to Boeing 737-800 and Il-76, which are located in four parking places, as well as helicopters of all types.

Runway Classification Number (PCN) 39 / R / B / W / T.


The airport's capacity is five aircraft per hour.

Possible number of passengers served: 150 people per hour. Possible volume of cargo handling: 100 tons per hour.

The airport has the ability to provide domestic and international passenger and cargo flights, in compliance with all applicable Russian and international norms and standards.

In the future, there is a possibility of creating a large air transport hub (hub) on the basis of the Magas airport, capable of competing in the field of providing international transit passenger and cargo flows

Ground services

- a passenger terminal with all the necessary premises and equipment for border, immigration, customs, veterinary and sanitary-quarantine control, provided for the checkpoint across the state border of the Russian Federation
- VIP-hall (hall for officials and delegations)
- apron and four parking lots (MS) for aircraft and helicopters
- taxiways (taxiways) connecting the runway with the apron and parking areas for aircraft and helicopters
- modern radio and light signaling equipment
- garage and parking for specialized vehicles
- control tower (KDP)
- rescue station
- fuel warehouse
- cargo warehouse
- an artificial runway (runway) No. 1 with a class "B" cement concrete pavement measuring 3000 x 46 meters, located in the west-east direction with MK 90-270


On June 4, 1992, the Ingush Republic was formed by the Law of the RSFSR. In connection with the difficult transport situation and isolation from the outside world, in which the newly formed republic found itself, it became necessary to create and establish air communications. It was decided to create its own airport as soon as possible on the basis of the former branch of the Armavir Military Flight School.

On November 28, 1992, by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2185-R, the establishment of the Ingushetia airport in the Republic of Ingushetia was legally established. The Ingushetia airport was built with the buildings, equipment and special vehicles necessary for its operation. In a short time, competent specialists were trained for all airport services and their certification was carried out.

On January 25, 1993 at the Ingushetia airport, the first landing was made by a Yak-40 aircraft. Thus, only a little more than a month passed from the day the decision was made to establish its own airport in the republic and until the landing of the first aircraft.

In 1995, by order of the President of the Republic of Ingushetia R.S.Aushev, it was decided to build a new airport.

On September 21, 1999, by Order of the Government of the Republic of Ingushetia No. 353-r, the Ingushetia airport was renamed into the Magas airport. By 2000, the construction of the new Ingushetia airport complex was completed.

On March 23, 2007 FSUE "Airport Ingushetia" also acquired the status of JSC "Airport Magas". Thus, the airport is finally assigned to the capital of the Republic of Ingushetia - the city of Magas.

In May 2008, for the first time, the Republic of Ingushetia purchased its own Tu-134 for Magas Airport.

On December 27, 2011, for the first time in the history of the Republic of Ingushetia, a Boeing airliner, one of the leading Russian airlines, UTair, landed on the runway of Magas airport with 116 passengers on board.

On February 7, 2012, in order to perpetuate the memory of the first Hero of the Russian Federation, Honored Military Pilot of the USSR, Candidate of Military Sciences, Major General of Aviation Sulambek Susarkulovich Oskanov, by the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Ingushetia Y.B. Yevkurov No. 15 of OJSC "Airport Magas" Magas airport im. S. S. Oskanov ".

On the station square of the airport on a pedestal there is a fighter plane of the Russian Air Force MiG-29, on the same one, Sulambek Oskanov performed his last flight and at the cost of his life, took the falling fighter away from the settlement, thereby saving the lives of many civilians.

June 4, 2012 on the day of the opening of the monument to S.S. Oskanov and as part of the celebration of the 20th