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Nogliki is a Russian airport located 3.5 km south of the urban village of Nogliki, Sakhalin Oblast. Asphalt runway instead of a dirt one was built at the airport in 2004.

In 2013-2017, seasonally had the status of an international airport and an airport of federal significance.

Nogliki is an urban-type village, the administrative center of the municipality "Nogliki City District" of the Sakhalin Region of Russia.

Population - 10,151 (2019).

It is located in the northeast of Sakhalin Island, on the right bank of the Tym River, 9 km from its confluence with the Nyisky Bay of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Railway station, airport.

Low-rise buildings prevail in the village due to increased seismic activity.

Some believe that this ethnonym owes its origin to the self-name of one of the clans of the Sakhalin Nivkhs “Noglan”, and the historical name of their camp is called “Noglvo”, or in the Russian version of “Nogliki”. Others believe that in its first principle it is a hydronym, and connect the appearance of the name of the settlement with the small river Nogliki - the right tributary of the Imchin river, which flows, in turn, into the Tym river in its lowest reaches. In modern pronunciation, these names, of course, are a distortion of the original, for the Nivkhs called the Nogly-ngi river, and their camp, which was once located on the site of the present regional center, was called Nogl-in. The name of the river is associated with numerous surface oil manifestations in its basin and means “smelling river”; from the words "nogla" - odorous and "and" - the river.

The Japanese occupation of Northern Sakhalin from April 21, 1920 to May 15, 1925.

During the Second World War, the Nogliki oilmen rendered a great service to the front in oil. The whole army kept fuel. The motto of the oil workers of the north of Sakhalin, including the Nogliki: "more oil for our tanks, planes, ships!".

The status of an urban-type settlement has been since 1960.

It was believed that the ancient language of the Nivkhs will die out, because in 1996, 3% of the inhabitants of Nogliki spoke it. (Compared to the indicators of the beginning of the 20th century, when more than 30% of the inhabitants spoke Nivan

In 1997, the Niva language textbook was released.

In the summer of 1998, in the several northern regions of the Sakhalin Oblast, including the Nogliki, severe fires blazed. The fire came close to the village and threatened him with real destruction. The evacuation of the population of the village was being prepared, and voluntary fire brigades were being created. There was a dense smog over the Nogliki for several weeks, but every day the firefighters beat the fire from the village farther and farther into the depths of the forest. Precipitation was gone for a very long time. Finally, a few months later it began to rain, which removed most of the fire above the forest around the village.

In 2009, the following buildings were built in the village: Central District Hospital (central district hospital), the most expensive and largest sports complex in Sakhalin - “Arena”.