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Chara Regional Airport is located 2 km north-east from the village of Chara in the Transbaikal region. The airport operates only in daylight. The airport is on the outskirts of the village, within walking distance of the centre. On the neighboring street with an interval of 1-1.5 hours runs a bus to the village and the station Novaya Chara on BAM.

The village of Chara was once the centre of the Transbaikal Gulag, around which there were hard labour camps on all sides,
And also with poetry titles - Sinelga, Sulban... Already then our airport was in demand, here prisoners
And special intersectors were brought from Chita by small planes. Douglas soldiers were involved in 62 operation. Take-off
The strip was prepared by geologists who found uranium and copper deposits in these places. According to their memories there were moments,
When planes lined up in the heavenly queue because on the ground they did not have time to escort prisoners...
It is reported that trophy Junkers (Ju-52) were also used for freight transport. Part of them
During the winter period she sat on Lake Leprindo, from where the winemakers went to Chara and Borlag camp stations.
The Chara airport strip has dimensions of 1800 x 35 meters. The airport airfield has the ability to withstand
Load up to 26 tons.
The first thing passengers who arrive by plane at Chara Airport see is high Alpine-type mountains.
It is Kodar Range. Translated from Evenkian, "codar" means "wall." Above the Chara Valley (approximately 650 m above u.m.)
The ridge takes off at once by more than 2 km practically without foothills. The highest point of Kodar is the peak of BAM (3073m).
Due to such a sharp and large height difference, Kodar is sometimes called "little Himalayas"
The airport is ready to receive aircraft of the following types: An-12, An-24, An-26, An-28, An-30, Л-410, Yak-40, etc.
AC types 3-4 class, helicopters of all types.

The main (regular) flights are now operated by Angara - An-24/26 and Aeroservice on Л-410. Some time there saw Mi-2 in camouflage. Recently, ap Chara has also been seen by the private Yak-40 without a livery.